Out of Africa

Highlighting artist from Africa and its Diaspora

Black History Month Feature

January 26 – March 3, 2018

"Love Is the Master Plan"
Acrylic on canvas
71x48 inches

Acrylic on canvas
52x48 inches

"Fake News"
Acrylic on canvas
53x37 inches

"We Stand On Their Shoulders"

Acrylic on canvas

72x48 inches


"Twin Energy"
Acrylic on canvas
37x35 inches


Acrylic on canvas

30x42 inches


"Lady in Red"

Oil on canvas

48x42 inches



Oil on canvas

36x42 inches

"Rhythm on Strong"

Acrylic on canvas

40x36 inches

"Seasons (Three Axis of Life)"

Mixed media on panel

33x45x5 inches 


"They've Gone Fishing"

Oil on 3D panel and mixed media

36x48x6 inches

In celebration of Black History Month, the fifth edition of the art exhibition, Out of Africa returns to Art Village Gallery and the South Main Arts District bringing contemporary art from Africa and its Diaspora to the forefront. The international exhibition features contemporary artwork created by four emerging artists, including Nigerian-born artists, Adewale Adenle and Norbert Okpu, and international rising stars, Houston-based Robert Pruitt and Trinidadian-born, Los Angeles-based Miles Regis. The exhibition will be a destination for new and established collectors, art patrons and cultural tastemakers.

Out of Africa launches on Thursday, January 25, 2018 from 4pm-7pm, offering a special Collector’s First Look + Press Reception where media and invited guests will join curator, Sheila Urevbu, for a private first look complete with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Lite bites along with a cappuccino pop-up bar with a private barista will be provided at the formal public opening on Friday, January 26 from 6pm – 8pm for attendees. The annual exhibition will run through Saturday March 3, 2018.

Taking place at Art Village Gallery, which specializes in curating culturally significant exhibitions and experiences that inspire an appreciation for diversity and culture, the Out of Africa exhibition encompasses both the upper and newer lower level exhibition space in the gallery. In addition to the exhibition, Art Village Gallery will offer an exciting schedule of special events, performances and talks to complement the exhilarating experience including:

Beats of Africa music sets by local favorite, DJ Crystal Mercedes, to be performed as a kick off to opening night; Indie film screenings by African and American-American filmmakers, curated by University of Memphis art history professor, Dr. Earnestine Jenkins; a panel discussion on Lost Roots: The Disconnect Between Africans and African-Americans, coordinated by University of Memphis African Student Association President, Chol Rambang; and Dream of a Land: an evening of Art + Poetry curated by author, poet and editor, Sheree Renée Thomas, featuring Jacqueline Johnson, a New-York based South Carolina poet and Marcus Wicker of the University of Memphis MFA program, with music by Ekpe Abiota, of the African Jazz Ensemble. 

 “The exhibition will honor the traditional concepts of African art, but also introduce an interesting mix and match of modern and contemporary expressions and techniques,” says Out of Africa curator and gallery director, Sheila Urevbu. “My goal is to continue to expose our neighborhood and surrounding community to other cultures using the language of art.”

About Art Village Gallery:  Art Village Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery located in the historic South Main Arts District in Memphis, TN and has the primary purpose of supporting and promoting the work of emerging international artists. Founded in 1991 by Ephraim Urevbu and currently led by Sheila Urevbu, the gallery has established a reputation for designing and showcasing culturally significant exhibitions and experiences that inspire an appreciation for diversity and culture.