Art exhibition dinner

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The exhibition "Dinner and Dialogue" experience is a period of conversation to illuminate matters of common concern, and bring understanding and acceptance of ideas commonly causing divergence. By curating these innovative exhibitions and experiences, Art Village Gallery aims to inspire an appreciation for diversity and culture.

How do we accomplish it?
The evening pairs both visual and culinary art and culture from around the globe over intimate and thought provoking discussion on important topics.
The curated dialogue for our upcoming session will be led by Ericka DeBruce, Vice President of Engagement, Inclusion and Social Responsibility for Sedgwick. Our dinner will feature authentic Nigerian cuisine prepared by Chef Hilda Osarogiagbon. Artwork on view will be by visting Nigerian artist, Gerald Chukwuma.

To learn more about Gerald and his artwork visit

We find commonality by using things we all enjoy - good conversation, delicious food, great music and stunning artwork.

Sounds like your type of unique event, right?

Join us.