Christina Nicola (b. 1993, Plano, Texas) is a painter and draughtswoman based in Brooklyn, New York. Exploring what it means to exist within the concept of “blackness”, Nicola uses a variety of mark making and mixed media to harness the energy and soul that lies beneath the skin’s surface. Piecing together her own visual language, Nicola seeks to expose and confront stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding black women and their sexuality in her portraits and figurative work.

Christina Nicola has participated in various exhibitions predominantly in South Florida at institutions such as Bailey Contemporary Arts Gallery, Nova Southeastern University, and Art Africa during Miami Art Week in Art Basel. Other notable shows include group exhibitions with Art Village Gallery in Tennessee and art fairs during Frieze week in Manhattan. Having earned her BA in studio art from the University of Central Florida, Christina Nicola currently lives in Brooklyn and works between New York and Miami.